Denature Revolution? It’s not the issue

Dénaturer Révolution? Il n’en est pas question

The dancers were found. The teams were ready. The COVID-19 has done everything to derail. This is to avoid offering a watered-down version of Revolution as a Group of Fair-Play and Quebecor’s Content has postponed the third season of the dance competition of VAT.

1 377 000 viewers who followed the program last fall will have to take their evil in patience, since, because of the restrictions concerning the maintenance of measures of social distancing, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and company will release this year.

Executive producer at Fair Play, the production box behind Revolution, Marie-Ève Dallaire speaks of a difficult decision to make. “We realized that it was better to push it back in 2021, because otherwise we would have been forced to make a multitude of layouts that would have made the show to be too different,” she explains.

“To deliver high-quality performance, it was to allow the dancers to have the time necessary to create their works, and practise properly,” said Denis Dubois, vice-president, original content, in Quebecor Content.

Without The Twins

In normal times, the plateau of Revolution brings together approximately 650 people : a fifty dancers, a hundred workers and 500 members of the public. If Fair Play and Quebecor’s Content were moved forward with the publishing 2020, only the soloists would have been welcome. Forget the pairs of ballroom. Forget the troops of hip-hop.

And since the borders remain closed, even The Twins would have said package. “The face of the show would have changed at all, points out Marie-Eve Dallaire. It would have distorted the format. “

A brand to preserve

The concept of Revolution is being sold in several countries, such as China, Russia, France, and Spain, to preserve the image of the show was also a concern. “Revolution, it is a format that we now see everywhere in the world, note Guy Villeneuve, executive producer and co-founder of Fair Play. We can’t let the mark go and risking that it becomes a little corner-corner. “

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Jean-Marc Généreux greeted the news of the postponement of Revolution with philosophy. “In a selfish way, I’m super disappointed,” said the leader at the phone. Meet the dancers, see their performance, let me inspire… It’s going to miss me. But it was the right decision to make. It would have been flat to deface the show. “

Jean-Marc Généreux

Jean-Marc Généreux, who is on the panel of owners with The Twins and Lydia Bouchard, has experienced a great sorrow in learning of the new. “It is very rough, “says the ex-world champion of salsa. It is one of the things to which I clung. It made me extremely uncomfortable. But it was what he needed to do. Otherwise, it would have been a whole other show. “

The COVID-19 has also interrupted the tour Revolution. “The dance, it is often the art form and the poorest, mentions Guy Villeneuve. Revolution gave the dancers the chance to be in the foreground. It is a break plate, but everyone understands that we had to do it. ”

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