Denis Casavant : passion, baseball!

Denis Casavant : passion baseball!

MONTREAL – The passion of baseball begins to revive after the ravages of containment. As the broadcaster of the Toronto Blue Jays, TVA Sports presents, as of Friday, the first series of the season of the formation of the Queen City, which will face the Tampa Bay Rays. In total, the chain will relay a fortnight of meetings of the Blue Jays, as well as twenty other parties involving other teams in the circuit Manfred.

Denis Casavant, descriptor to TVA Sports for the past six years, made the point on the start of the season reduced by half due to the pandemic, and that begins with an unusual period of the year.

Denis, in terms of the televised event, that promise you baseball fans with the presentation of the games on TVA Sports?

“To present the games in a studio does not change large-thing for us. I look forward to see, on the technical side, since there are no spectators, how one will compensate for the absence of crowd sounds. The major league baseball looks at the possibility of having the crowd in the rod to the inside of the stadiums. We’ll hear more about what is happening on the ground, the discussions of the players. It will require an adjustment period, to describe games where there is no feedback, where there is not 46 000 spectators react after a homerun or a big play defensive!”

How have you occupied your time during the confinement, while the sports world was in pause?

“With the COVID, what has changed is that we did not live games. I made a lot of interventions via FaceTime, my home. I have not had to move me to TVA Sports, but we followed the sports news. There were always developments in the last few months and last few weeks, regarding the return-to-play and the evolution of the teams.”

In a general way, how the pandemic has affected sports journalism?

“It is mostly the fact that we had no live events. The sport was paused from mid-march, as soon as the pandemic has really attacked the stronger. At that time, instead of having the start of the baseball season, the start of the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL), all what one is accustomed to do, the schedule has been completely messed up. It’s been funny to take that in the month of August! Even the season of the NBA (National Basketball Association) will start in the month of August. It is really a quite particular. Usually in the summer, it is the holiday period. Therefore, it is really special this year.”

What have you received as comments on the part of lovers of the sport during that singular period?

“I think there are a few that were this long. We have seen the excitement in the last few weeks, when the activities began to pick quietly. Even we, the sports journalists, it is a little on the alert to know if everything will start as expected. Every two or three days, it is expected that the results of the tests COVID in different sports, whether it be baseball or hockey, to see if any players have tested positive. What we hope now is that once it will start, there will be no interruption again, and that the leagues are going to be able to finish their season.”

  • The first meeting of the Blue Jays and Rays will be presented this Friday, July 24, at 19 pm, on TVA Sports.
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