Denounced on Instagram, Bernard Adamus is dumped by her record label

Dénoncé sur Instagram, Bernard Adamus est largué par sa maison de disque

The author-composer-interpreter Bernard Adamus has been dropped by her record label Dare To Care following allegations of sexual misconduct against a social network.

The denunciations have been published on the account in Instagram Devotees.Voices.Montreal, which is the name of several présumes attackers are cited in the last few days, shortly after Safia Nolin was accused By Morin, also on Instagram, sexual harassment, assault and racism.

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A publication shared by Dare To Care Records (@dtcrecords) 8 Juil. 2020 at 4 :48 am PDT

In the early evening, Wednesday, Dare To Care has announced that it was ending its business relationship with the artist claiming to give value to the testimonies of victims who have been heard.

“The values of Dare To Care advocate for a safe environment and free from any form of violence or abuse. (…) We commit ourselves to be more vigilant and proactive to ensure that all of the people that we work with comply with these same values,” said the montreal label.

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