Denunciations anonymous online: Legault salutes the “courage” to denounce

Dénonciations anonymes en ligne: Legault salue le «courage» de dénoncer

François Legault has given his support Monday to the movement of denunciations, anonymous, which has course on social media for a few days.

“I want to greet the people who had the courage to denounce, because it helps to ensure that everyone is more sensitive, in some way. It is a little flat that it happens like that, but I want to salute their courage,” commented the prime minister on the sidelines of a press conference to make the point on the COVID-19.

Since last week, accounts, Instagram, and Facebook display the names of the alleged perpetrators or those accused of sexual misconduct. The accusations are from alleged victims who remain anonymous.

Some accounts provide the context of the charge, others simply display the name of the person described by the victim.

Several artists have already withdrawn from public life after he was targeted by such accusations. Last in the fray, the singer Kevin Parent has been dropped by his agency and has apologised after being targeted by allegations of sexual misconduct on the account Instagram Victims_Voices_Montreal.

François Legault explained Monday that his new minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette is currently looking at how Quebec may make the judicial process “less difficult” for victims of sexual assault.

The government Legault is also evaluating the possibility of revising the school curriculum to better equip the young people on the concepts of consent to the sexual.

More details will follow…

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