Denys Arcand to honor

Denys Arcand à l’honneur

To promote the cinema of quebec, Videotron has launched on Wednesday passed a new initiative which aims to highlight each week is the work of an important artist of our cinematography. At any lord, all honor, it is our filmmaker most known in the world, Denys Arcand, who was the first to be given this showcase. Here are five of his films, the most significant :

Réjeanne Padovani (1973)

In this thriller, a political process that has turned in the early 1970s, Denys Arcand was already sticking his video camera on the problems of corruption in the world of construction in Quebec. The movie which starred Jean Lajeunesse, Luce Guilbeault and Roger Lebel tells the story of a contractor mafia which is confused by the presence of his ex-wife during the evening of the inauguration of a highway which he has orchestrated the construction.

The decline of the american empire (1986)

Regarded as the seminal work of the cinema of Denys Arcand, this satirical comedy biting puts in scene a band of intellectuals who discuss their lives and their romantic relationships in a cottage in the eastern Townships. Denys Arcand was re-acquainted with these famous characters 17 years after the release of the Decline in making a sequel, The Barbarian Invasions, which allowed him to win the Oscar for the best foreign language film in 2004.

Jesus of Montreal (1989)

This other brilliant satire signed Arcand has made history by becoming the first quebecois film to win the prestigious Jury Prize at the Cannes film Festival. The actor Lothaire Bluteau book an unforgettable performance in the skin of an actor who begins to resemble more and more to Jesus working on putting a scene of a modern version of the Passion of The Christ.

The age of darkness (2007)

Hosted tièdement during its theatrical release in 2007, this comedy fantasy deserves to be reviewed, if only to see how Arcand had seen it coming several years in advance some of the problems that we have collapsed in the face this spring because of the pandemic (amount of bureaucracy in quebec, problems in NURSING homes). Marc Labrèche plays a civil servant disillusioned who finds refuge in fantasies.

The fall of the american empire (2018)

In this most recent film of Arcand, was released just two years, brings together the best of his cinema : dialogues brilliant, social critique fierce, the characters are imperfect confronted with moral dilemmas, and ethical. Reflection on the power of money, The fall of the american empire follows the adventures of a delivery man (Alexandre Landry) who finds himself with two bags full of bank-notes after attending a scene of a hold-up gone wrong.

All of these movies are available on the platforms of video on demand Videotron (Illico and Helix). To note that The Barbarian Invasions is not in this list because it is not available in video-on-demand at this time.

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