Departed this life the legend of “Game of thrones” and “Star wars”

Ушла из жизни легенда "Игры престолов" и "Звездных войн"

Max von Sydo, frame of film

today, 14:33

In France died legendary actor Max von Sydow at the age of 90 years. Writes about this edition of Paris Match. In the famous TV series “Game of thrones” actor played trilogo crow.

One of the oldest of Hollywood stars, risen in the early 1950s, decades shines on the world cinematic Olympus. Max von Sydow, in contrast to peers-elders “the dream factory”, is in no hurry to retire and continues to go on set. 2 times he was nominated for the Academy award, a Golden globe and an Emmy. Two nominations in the 2000s, when the meter crossed the 80-year milestone.

Ушла из жизни легенда "Игры престолов" и "Звездных войн"

Max von Sydo, frame of film

In the box of the artist’s work in the paintings of the geniuses of world film Directors Ingmar Bergman, Sydney Pollack, Jan Truely and woody Allen. Von Sydow was honored to be a knight of the Legion of honor, the highest award and recognition at the birthplace of Napoleon.

Ушла из жизни легенда "Игры престолов" и "Звездных войн"

Max von Sydo, frame of film

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A turning point in the career of the artist was the first role in the film-parable, Ingmar, Arthouse the project “the Seventh seal”. Bergman had trusted max, the main role of the knight Antonius Block. The tape was released in 1957 and made a splash, receiving a special prize at Cannes, nominated for Palme d’or and awards in Italy and Spain.

The picture cemented Bergman’s cult status Director and turned Sydow at idol art house. Then the actor has a new name — Max, became a pseudonym. In the same year he published a second picture of the tandem Bergman-Sydow — a psychological drama “wild strawberries”. Here max is allotted to a minor, but striking role.

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