Deportation of bogus refugees: a farce dismal

Expulsion des faux réfugiés: une farce lamentable

The border services Agency of Canada is unable to locate 35 000 foreigners that she had to expel, including nearly 3,000 criminals, according to a report by the Office of the auditor general of Canada. “The Agency has initiated immigration warrants for the arrest of these strangers, but it has rarely completed surveys are required to locate those with a criminal history”, one reads in the devastating report from the auditor general.

It is absolutely outrageous. But it doesn’t matter to Ottawa. The immigration system has never been integrated. Its weaknesses are known to the networks specialized in the introduction of illegal immigrants. We have one of the worst immigration systems of the planet, skewed in favor of the bogus refugees, and fraudsters, criminals and lawyers that live on them.

The scam was put in place during the last fifty years by the liberal Party of Canada. Of the immigration rules is lax, anyway easy to work around, facilitate the arrival of the largest number of legal or illegal immigrants, who, in return, will be grateful to the PLC of the left enter by voting liberal.

The system has been built by the liberals to make it practically impossible to expulsion from the territory of canada. Trudeau’s father, Christian, and Trudeau son are the main responsible of having given to Canada’s immigration laws that allow any guy on the planet to find refuge here.

Here are a few examples. It took ten years to return to China Lai Changxing, a businessman and criminal, who has used every legal recourse possible against his extradition. Ahmed Ressam, the terrorist al-Qaida, arrested while he was going to place a bomb at Los Angeles airport lived in Montreal without being worried in spite of multiple decisions of expulsion pronounced against him by the courts. Belhassen Trabelsi, the brother-in-law corrupt dictator ousted Ben Ali of Tunisia has fled here to Montreal. It has engaged in judicial proceedings as a delaying tactic to avoid being extradited, the time to prepare for his flight to Saudi Arabia. Shockingly, incredibly given his background, he was not the subject of any monitoring. He has since dared to go to France where he was arrested. And unlike in Canada, where he is detained pending his extradition to Tunisia.

Hundreds of thousands of “pseudo-canadian passports,” so-called “Canadians of convenience” living abroad without ever paying taxes in Canada. They don’t care about Canada as of the year forty, except when they are sick. They come to rob us of free health care. They also remember that they are Canadian when it’s going wrong in their country. As during the Lebanon war of 2006. All of a sudden, thousands of Lebanese waving the canadian passport to the canadian embassy in Beirut. Aircraft and ships chartered by Canada were evacuated. The war was over, they returned home and stowed their precious canadian passport until the next crisis.

And there is the case of foreign farsighted who send their women to give birth in Canada so that their children are canadian citizens with all the benefits that this implies (a health insurance card for Quebec with that?). The Royal Victoria Hospital of Montreal was especially appreciated by the pregnant future holders of canadian citizenship. It only costs a few thousand dollars and it earns during a lifetime at any of the extended family.

Why this complacency incredible of liberals and conservatives? It is simple. The two major canadian parties woo the voting citizens recent, who take a dim view of any measure targeting the new arrivals. I recall: the political weight of these voters-immigrants in Canada now exceeds that of Quebec.

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