Deposit of one million dollars for the policeman accused of the murder of George Floyd

Caution d’un million de dollars pour le policier accusé du meurtre de George Floyd

Minneapolis | A guarantee of at least a million dollars has been set for Monday at the first court appearance the police officer american Derek Chauvin, who is accused of the murder of George Floyd that upsets America and beyond, noted a correspondent for the AFP.

The former agent of 44 years old, detained in a high security prison, appeared in the mid-day dressed in a prisoner’s orange on a screen installed in a court room of a court of Minneapolis, in the north of the United States.

Voice neutral, he answered the questions of the judge Jeannice Reding, agreeing in particular to make its weapons or renounce to appear in person.

He is charged with murder for having asphyxiated, two weeks ago, George Floyd, an African-American, 46 years old, kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The drama, of which the images captured by a bandwidth became viral, has sparked a wave of protests around the world and calls to reform the police in the United States.

During the short hearing, the judge Reding in the county of Hennepin has fixed the amount of his bail at a million dollars subject to various conditions, or 1.25 million without conditions, if he wants to get a parole before his trial.

Her attorney Eric Nelson has not objected to this sum, it will probably not be able to collect.

Prosecutor Matthew Frank pointed out that the drama had “obviously had a strong impact on the population and that Derek Chauvin might want to flee prosecutions and the reaction of the public.

The parties have agreed to meet for a next hearing on the 29th of June, which for the first time will address the merits of the case.

Three other agents, who had attended the scene, were arrested and are being prosecuted for complicity.

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