Depp says it is too weakened by his addiction to the drug to hit his ex-wife

Depp se dit trop affaibli par sa dépendance à la drogue pour frapper son ex-femme

The american actor Johnny Depp has assured on Thursday in the british courts to have been weakened by his addiction to drugs to the point of being unable to hit his ex-wife Amber Heard as she states, saying direct its violence against inanimate objects “.

The hero of the saga “pirates of the Caribbean” continues in the High Court of London, the tabloid The Sun, in which he claims to have presented as a proven fact, in an article published in April 2018, he has hit his ex-wife, which he denies.

On the third day of the trial, the actor 57 years old, is such income on an alleged incident of 2014 when he was in detox on a private island in the Bahamas, in the presence of the actress.

“I suffered a lot and I had spasms uncontrollable “, he assured. “I have not pushed or attacked miss Heard, I was certainly not in a condition to do so “.

This defamation lawsuit, expected to last three weeks, has turned to the great unpacking between the ex-spouses, divorced in 2017 and every two present at the hearing, with publication of private messages, photos and testimonials adversarial.

Come defend his honor, Johnny Depp has been since Tuesday extensively questioned on his excess. He has admitted to addiction centers in houston use varied and have trashed the night clubs or hotel rooms while pursuing his career.

The publisher of the Sun, NGN, claims to have “overwhelming proof” of violence against Amber Heard, who he met in 2011 on a film set and that he married in 2015 in Los Angeles.

A letter from the doctor in charge of detoxification, read at the hearing, described the star as “infantile” and ” romantisant the drug culture “, without the intention of abandoning them. At baltimore drug detox they make sure the victim overcomes the issue completely.

The actor has called this analysis of the opinion that “personal” and responded by “fake” repeated descriptions are sometimes detailed, of his alleged violence by the lawyer of NGN Sasha Wass.

He acknowledged the violence, but made, according to him, to ” inanimate objects rather than a person that I love “, such as a wall.

For its part, the defense of the star describes Amber Heard, 34 years old, as manipulative, and in search advertising.

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