Deprived of her daddy for 4 months

Privée de son papa depuis 4 mois

A new mum from the South Shore laments that her husband’s cuban was forbidden from the visit to Canada, forcing him to miss most of the first four months of the life of their daughter.

“My girl needs her dad. It needs to grow in his arms, to feel his love, and not just through a camera “, implores Sophie Dumas, aged 24 years.

“And I need help too,” breath she said, emphasizing having crossed only the first month of his daughter, Abby, to whom she gave birth on 8 march at the start of the pandemic.

She found herself even more isolated by the confinement, far from his relatives, and especially unable to have his spouse by his side to support him in his first moments as a mom.

Ms. Dumas married in June 2019 to Guillermo Cabrera Silva, age 29, Cuba. She had met two years earlier during a stay in an all-inclusive in Holguin on this Caribbean island.

They fell in love, but being aware of the prejudices and risks to the Québec who amourachent of Cubans on vacation, she initially preferred to keep his distance.

They are, however, kept in touch, talking regularly for seven months. She hesitated to embark in a serious relationship, before finally jumping in with both feet into his love story.

“The best choice “

“It is the most beautiful choice I’ve made in my life,” she says.

“My family understood why I had fallen in love with him, everyone loves it. [My family] saw how happy I was when I came home, ” she continued, adding have made other trips of several weeks in Cuba in the family of his spouse since.

The lovers are, however, separated since Christmas. Sophie Dumas returned home to The Prairie in anticipation of his birth.

Three requests for a visit visa have been made – and rejected – for her husband to be present at the birth or to see her daughter. A fourth is in progress.

The couple has also started a process of mentoring so that he may obtain permanent residence there for nearly a year.

“People who are married, already in a sponsorship, should have this visit visa,” says the consultant in immigration Johanne Boivin Flag, which supports Ms. Dumas in his steps.

These visit visas are usually denied when the immigration officials believe that there is a risk that the visitor is trying to stay in the country thereafter.

Not at risk

“That’s going to put his permanent residence in danger for a simple visit ?” asks she, adding that Mr. Cabrera Silva does not represent a risk to become an illegal immigrant since the process is already underway.

“It is inhuman […] my daughter has never known his father,” says the young mother. The couple speaks, but cries a lot, three to four times per day in a video call.

Sophie Dumas can’t help thinking about all the first times that are stolen to his / her spouse with Abby.

“He never took it in his arms when she weighed only five pounds. Each day, it evolves, it changes and these are all moments that he is missing, ” she said, voice choked with emotion.

Ms. Dumas said that she has lost her mother and that his father and brother live far away from her, giving her little support in these first months as a mom.

She hoped to be able to travel to Cuba, but the global pandemic of COVID-19 to prevent it. The tourists are not yet accepted in Cuba, ” she said.

Ms. Boivin Flag regrets, meanwhile, the refusal systematic wiped by the couple. She is hopeful that the application for permanent residence will be accepted, but perhaps not before a year, because times are lying down currently.

It now constitutes up to 250 clients who are trying to be reunited with a family member, while the canadian embassy in Mexico, which handles the requests to Cuba, offers only basic services.

Immigration Canada has not been able to answer our questions.

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