Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko showed the bride Paris: “He’s totally in love”

Вице-премьер Розенко показал невесте Париж: "Он по уши влюблен"

48-year-old Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko went to a romantic trip with your beloved, well-known TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan.

The couple went to Paris, where he participated in the opening of the festival “New wave of Ukrainian cinema” and walked around the city of lovers.

Throughout the journey of Elena-Cristina Swan actively shared romantic pictures on the social network Instagram. As told to friends of Paul Rozenko, he was happy he new passion: “He’s totally in love, believe me. Did not remember him so happy. All he spends his free time with his girlfriend. We are even in a light stupor, as they have joint photos, to be honest”.

Earlier it was reported that Elena-Cristina Swan during a ski holiday with the Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko has hurt his leg and had surgery. Soon it all said that the politician takes her to work. She also showed us pictures as he supports her at the hospital during procedures and rehabilitation. Now, Kristina came in for treatment one and showed how they happen. And in the caption to a photo of Lebed told about the unusual case, which occurred in the hallway of the hospital.

“You know, thank you. We have such a cool 11-year-old (in appearance) boys. This small clinic tonight fuck on the phone in the toy. Sitting on a comfortable chair. But, he saw a man with a crutch, shook hands(!) and immediately offered a seat. Although the hallway was a vacant chair! And you little??? Yes I know that it is not weak. And each of you would do so!” – written by Elena-Cristina Swan.

Recall, the bride’s Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko complained about harassment on the network.

Earlier Znayu reported, Elena-Cristina Swan found anorexia.

Also Znayu wrote, the Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko was in the hospital, while the bride was in rehab.


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