“Derek, I love you!”

«Derek, je t’aime!»

It was a few months ago, Derek Aucoin had hit Quebec in full when he had presented his book , head high.

The book, written by journalist Benoît Rioux, returns to the past to Aucoin with the Montreal Expos, but it also covers several other facets of his life, including the battle he is presently engaged against brain cancer.

On Wednesday, Dave Morissette has had the good idea to join the two men. As well, Derek Aucoin and Benoit Rioux, who became very good friends over the process of writing the book, were able to discuss with the facilitator of TVA Sports.

“I haven’t spent enough time with Benedict… I still have so much to say!”, was first launched Aucoin with a laugh.

“More seriously, I’d love to hear and learn how this book was able to change the way people see life. It was a bit of the purpose behind the writing of this book.

“Of course, I also wanted to leave a legacy to my son, Dawson. We wanted him to be able to read the story of his father, narrated by his father. We have never lost sight of the fact that this work-this time, it was for him.”

For his part, the author Benoît Rioux could not ask for better in terms of results.

“The book was so begotten of the positive comments! Honestly, I could not be more pleased. If the inspiration for Derek was Andre Dawson, I can without a doubt say that my meeting with Derek really stood out. I am filled with gratitude that he was part of my life.

“Meeting Derek, I’ve discovered a great man. And I’m really fortunate that he is part of my life.”

The journalist then spoke directly to Derek Aucoin, in a moment of the most poignant.

“Derek, I love you! I look forward to see you again.”

Touching Moment

Benedict and Derek had always promised one thing during the design of the book , head high. Is that the first copy would go to Dawson, the little boy Derek.

The time when the book was handed to the child is not close to being forgotten by the two men. Talk to Benoît Rioux.

“I went to look for the famous first book in the trunk of a car, I put it back to Dawson, and I signed with a sentence that is very famous in the Aucoin: “to Live is to give. And when you give, you receive”.

“Dawson looked at me, and as it was prior to the period of the coronavirus, it has done me a big hug!”

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