Derick Brassard wants to seize his chance with the Senators

Derick Brassard wants to take his chance with the Senators


Derick Brassard tries to pull off a feat at Ottawa Senators training camp. With only an invitation in his pocket, the Quebec striker wants to obtain one of the few positions available.  

Whoever turned 35 on Thursday is a realist. He is aiming for a position on the third or fourth line of the Ottawa squad. 

“I'm just trying to earn my place and I think I can help this team,” said Derick Brassard. To win a position, I'm going to have to play well. 

“I'm going to take advantage of my experience and my intelligence on the ice. I just want to have fun.”

He is comfortable in his role at training camp.

“Every year, you have things to prove, he added. It's the same thing now. I don't have a contract and I have to make my place.

“This team hasn't made the playoffs for several years and all the players have things to prove.”

< p>During the summer, he asked his agent to find him an invitation to camp with the Senators. Nothing else interested him.

“I had five options on the table, but the Senators was the only one that interested me especially after the acquisitions of Claude Giroux, Alex DeBrincat and Cam Talbot.

“It's perfect. It is close to my house which is located in the corner of Hudson. My family is here too. I wouldn't have come here if I didn't have a chance to make the team.”


Brassard did not have a season that lived up to his expectations last year. Due to a slow-healing groin injury, he missed two months of activity with the Philadelphia Flyers. trades to the Edmonton Oilers. On the other hand, his use was limited especially in the playoffs where he only played one game. 

“I did not finish my season as I wanted, added the hockey player from Hull. That's why I trained hard this summer. I wanted to finish my career on a high note and that's why I'm here.”

If he can convince the Senators leaders, he sees himself fulfilling the same role he had. with the Flyers last year. 

“I was in the bottom six forwards. Then, with the injury to Sean Couturier, it gave me the chance to play more. I played about 30 games and it went really well.”

The door is open

Head Coach D.J. Smith likes the game of Armband. 

“He is effective with the puck in the back of the territory, he indicated. He's a real pro. He's smart and he knows how to play. We will give him time to get to know our system in order to properly assess it. 

“He is capable of fulfilling a role for us. He is aware of the situation in which he finds himself. He's been in this position for a few years.

“He does the little things well and he's still starving. He can play anywhere.”