Desire lines: democracy, hiking

Les lignes de désir: démocratie pédestre

In the parlance of urban planning, these shortcuts, convenient as thousands of not have been converted to trails are named poetically of “desire lines”. Did you know? Open your eyes: there are everywhere around you.

Each reveals that the official course responds imperfectly to the needs that the feet of monsieur and madame Tout-le-Monde, on the other hand, mark with precision. During Expo 67, as soon as a line of desire appeared on the site, a team was formalized in the paving. Why fight the phenomenon instead to take advantage of it?

My line of desire favorite, Montreal, gash the baseball field of the park Lalancette in Hochelaga. Of course, there’s always a guy or an innocent to borrow the said trail in the middle of a game; the player is inattentive stumble into the rut; the ball is bouncing erratically. In short, this line of desire participating in the game.

Expression contagious

As monsieur Jourdain was making prose without knowing it, I spent my childhood to borrow a “line of desire” for me to get to the school, without suspecting that an expression referred to specifically this kind of trail.

My girlfriend taught me it about ten years ago. My son, who is educated, tells me with enthusiasm all of the desire lines that we cross. He recently claimed that we took a, between Viau and the stadium, with the stroller of course, during my jogging with him. He has the curiosity to see where lead these paths to traverse; I had to teach him not to engage in these paths when they shy away in a heavily wooded area.

If you are a bloodhound of the brigade of morals in quest of gross indecency to repress, the desire lines that are fleeing to the bushes will send you off to work. I devoted about a column three years ago.

Respect for the user

In another life, I worked in a publishing house with a graphic designer in love with his art, who conceived of the covers of the books as esthetic illegible: lettering tiny and difficult to decipher. Similarly, the designer of a park, a neighbourhood, a city will sometimes have the professional deformation, not to say snobbery corporate, to aspire, in order to impress his peers, to a perfection without regard for the user.

To this contempt, the population responds, democratically, by his feet. Your turn now to infect someone you know with the expression “line of desire”.

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