Desjardins is going to give$ 100 Million to its policyholders auto

Desjardins va remettre 100 M$ à ses assurés auto

Before the impacts of the COVID-19, the Desjardins group re-offend and will, in the coming weeks, the $ 100 million to its holders of an auto insurance premium.

Yesterday, the co-op in Lévis, announced in a press release that the discount for its members in Canada will vary between 25 % and 40 % of the amount of their auto insurance premium paid for a month.

Commercial vehicles will also be eligible.

These are approximately 2.1 million people who will benefit from this tax relief by July. In fact, all of the holders of a auto insurance premium including the fix keyed car, with the exception of recreational vehicles and recreation, will receive directly the delivery, ” according to their mode of payment usual “.

Fewer complaints

Desjardins said to have found a “significant decrease” in the number of claims for accidents, in the last few months, due to the confinement, telework and the limits of travel.

“Although the déconfinement is initiated, the impacts of the pandemic continue to affect our members and customers, and we are proud to make every effort to continue to support them in this unprecedented situation,” said Guy Cormier, president and chief executive officer.

Last April, we remind you that Desjardins had also announced a discount of three months for holders of an auto insurance based on their mileage.

In total, these two measures helped to return $ 150 million in the pockets of customers, advance the financial institution.

Since march, the management of Desjardins group has stepped up the ads in connection with different measures of relief to financially assist individuals and businesses during the crisis.

The co-op has been part of three organizations in North America recognized by the United Nations as responsible institutions in the context of the COVID-19.

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