Desperate husband Zavorotnyuk appeared in public, the fans don’t recognize the star: overgrown and exhausted

Отчаявшийся муж Заворотнюк появился на публике, фанаты не узнают звезду: заросший и измученный

today, 17:46

Recently in the Internet appeared the photographs of her husband, Zavorotnuk Peter Chernyshev, who even in the summer, stopped touring because of the illness of his wife. However, now he appeared in public and went back to work.

As you know, the husband of the star of the series “My fair nanny” for a long time did not appear anywhere, to avoid unnecessary questions about the health of his wife. Consequently, these days Chernyshov, together with colleagues went to St. Petersburg, where he took part in the press conference devoted to the premiere of a new musical.

Отчаявшийся муж Заворотнюк появился на публике, фанаты не узнают звезду: заросший и измученный

Note that in the pictures, which managed to make the fans could not help but notice the tired and very exhausted celebrities. However, a colleague Chernysheva, skater Tatiana Navka, has assured fans that he feels fine and ready to go.

We emphasize that, according to eyewitnesses, the husband Zavorotnyuk was at the meeting long, so when the opportunity presented itself, then was gone.

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Recall that the mother Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with a serious disease through the Oncology daughters can get disability.

Previously “Know.ia” told me that the family cancer Zavorotnyuk became a desert on the house “My fair nanny” it is terrible to see the photo.

The portal also “ Agency” reported that the cancer Zavorotnyuk gets terrible manifestations, family “My fair nanny” scared: “Small hole in…”.

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