Despite its initial efforts, the California ceded ground against the COVID-19

Malgré ses efforts initiaux, la Californie cède du terrain face au COVID-19

Singled out for its management of the pandemic at the beginning of the health crisis, California will now have to face, like many other u.s. States, to a disturbing upsurge of cases of Covid-19, especially among young people.

The first State to have ordered a containment general at the end of march, California has also put the package on its ability to test patients potential, a key element to curb the epidemic, according to experts.

Since the beginning of the crisis, some 3.7 million Californians – out of a total population of 40 million – have been detected. And about 100 000 tests were carried out on a daily basis this week.

The intensity of the tests would be sufficient to explain statistically the spurt of cases of COVID-19 ? Only in part, meet the experts.

“The fact that there was also an increase in the number of hospitalizations, ( … ), it also means that there are more than transmissions “, according to Dr. Lee Riley, an epidemiologist at the University of California at Berkeley.

According to the governor, Gavin Newsom, the number of patients admitted to hospital with an infection to the COVID-19 has jumped by 32% over the past two weeks, to achieve 4240 people.

The probable causes are difficult to point precisely to the finger, but all eyes converge towards a loosening of the behaviors, particularly among young people.

“We can’t continue as we have done in recent weeks,” warned the governor Newsom, who has made wearing a mask mandatory throughout the State since last week.


Officially, the guidelines prohibit always to the members of different households to find yourself in the same confined space. But with the progressive reopening of the economy, restaurants and sports halls included, Californians have long since started to come together for birthdays, barbeques or trips to the beach.

“I’m not naive, people get mixed up and this increases the spread of this virus,” quipped Gavin Newsom.

“We need to recognize that it is our behaviors that lead to these numbers (increasing), and we put lives in danger “, he insisted.

The infected patients are ” more and more young people “, was concerned that the governor, who addressed them directly: “You are young, so you feel a little invincible. But with all the respect I owe you, this state of mind is often selfish “.

“Even if they are not the most at risk for the serious forms of the disease, they are most at risk for the spread “, warned the Dr. Barbara Ferrer, head of health for the county of Los Angeles, which is the main focus of COVID-19 in California.

Carried away by the crowd

Another element that may explain the increase in the spread of the virus: manifestations anti-racist, denouncing the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer at the end of may, that have brought together tens of thousands of people for long hours, often without distancing physical.

Even if it is difficult to assure, “I want to say that it is very likely, given the rise that we see, whether people were able to find in a crowd during one of the demonstrations,” said Dr. Ferrer.

So far, the governor Newsom has so far not expressed the intention to reverse or to impose confinements targeted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an expert on the most listened to of the american government on the pandemic, has given him reason recently. “I don’t think that the State of California is doing something wrong, it has to do with the reaction of people in the process of re-opening “, said director of the american Institute of infectious diseases.

“If you don’t keep your distance, that you do not wear a mask, that you reopen too soon, you are going to see a spike in the number of cases, it has nothing of a sorcerer,” says professor Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist and specialist in public health of the university UCLA in Los Angeles.

“The reality is that we will have many more cases and many more deaths if we’re not all attention” sums up this specialist of the Ebola virus.

To this day, nearly 200 000 cases in total have been identified in California, with more than 5,700 dead.

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