Despite teleworking being encouraged: the RTL is offices

Malgré le télétravail encouragé: le RTL se fait aménager des bureaux

MONTREAL – While many companies intend to maintain the telework after the pandemic, the réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) will invest more than $ 800,000 to a project office temporary.

The board of directors of the RTL was granted on 18 march contracts the total of which amounted to half a million dollars for development works and the acquisition of furnishings for a space of 9500 square feet on the rue De Sérigny, Longueuil.

For 18 months, fifty employees will study, among others, the preferred type of transport in order to connect the Longueuil metro station to the Network in the future express metropolitan (REM), in which a branch is under construction in Brossard.

Lease of $300,000

This fee is in addition to the rental of office space, a value of $ 300,000 per year. These will be located opposite the subway station of Longueuil, and are funded through the budget of $ 60 million granted to the RTL by the provincial government last November.

The carrier explains that it is a planning concept to an open area that includes a quarantine of workstations, which is more economical than the construction of a large number of closed offices. However, 14 closed offices and four conference rooms will also be made available to the project office.

“A scan with the consultant in planning has been conducted in mid-may in order to ensure that the facilities would be adequate in connection with the pandemic and the health rules”, said the coordinator of the RTL, Alicia Lymburner.

The latter states that the provision of cubicles separated by walls of 5 feet allows for a distance of two metres between the employees.

Teleworking part –

Half of the employees will be present in the office while the other will work out of the house in order to comply with the rules of social distancing. The physical facilities are essential to facilitate coordination activities and the use of applications that require powerful software, stresses the RTL.

After the first phase of the project with a duration of 18 months, the employees of RTL, external companies and the regional Authority of metropolitan transport (ARTM) will be busy to plan and carry out the subsequent phases of the implementation of the project as the business case and the plans and specifications.

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