Despite the coronavirus, the republican party of Texas refused to cancel its convention

Malgré le coronavirus, le parti républicain du Texas refuse d’annuler sa convention

Despite the repeated requests of the mayor, a democrat from Houston, the republican party of Texas intends to maintain its convention in person next week in the metropolis, become the focus of contamination of the pandemic.

The event is scheduled from 16 to 18 July will take place in a convention center inside and could accommodate about 6000 people.

“The local convention of a political party is a fundamental exercise of the freedom to assemble peacefully “, said Monday evening the chairman of the republican Party of Texas (RPT) James Dickey in a press release.

“This need to gather is important, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that this is done safely,” added the support of the american president Donald Trump, listing of the health measures: distribution of masks, checking the temperature at the entrance and establishment of stations with disinfectant.

The mayor, democrat of Houston, Sylvester Turner had sent earlier in the day a letter to the OPR to defend the transition to an online convention, which would “protect the health and possibly the lives” of the participants and workers of the event center.

“I do not think it either wise or prudent to hold a convention of 6000 people or more at the present time,” insisted Monday Mr. Turner during a press conference, urging the sponsors of the convention to cancel their support of the event.

The mayor of Houston also announced that he would be deploying inspectors of health to the convention to enforce the health rules, threatening to end the event if the guidelines were not being followed.

The metropolis of the south-eastern United States has become since the month of June there was an outbreak. On Tuesday, Houston has reached a total of 37 776 cases of COVID-19 detected since the beginning of the pandemic.

Last Thursday, the republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott announced make masks mandatory in public places, a measure of controversy within the party of Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday, on the plateau of the string conservative Fox News, the assistant to Greg Abbott, lieutenant governor Dan Patrick rejected even the advice of the director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, declaring ” that he did not know what he was talking about “.

The national convention of the republican party, to be held in Florida next month. Two republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Lamar Alexander, have already announced that they will not be participating because of the risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

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