Despite the diabetes, Kaapo Kakko will play in the series

Malgré le diabète, Kaapo Kakko jouera en séries

Diabetes, type 1, Kaapo Population is at higher risk of complications if he was to contract the COVID-19. With all of the necessary precautions, the president of the New York Rangers, John Davidson, however, is confident of seeing his young protégé in the playoffs this summer.

“It has been tested, everything is correct. For now, we want it to be in alignment,” revealed the man of hockey to the web site of his team on Friday.

The Finnish 19-year-old has trained in his native region since the beginning of the crisis, and the Rangers are often knowledgeable about the health status of the second choice in the total recovery of 2019.

“We believe that it is safe as long as it follows the protocol and that we follow him we also. We understand the situation from A to Z. It was studied by our doctors thoroughly. If there is a change and they say that he should not play, it will not play. But if they give us the green light and that it – it is that decision, remember- wants to play and that he speaks to his family, he will play,” said Davidson.

The latter believes that participate in the series will do the greatest good to the Population, and that this will give him a good dose of experience to continue to move forward. The Rangers, 11th-seeded in the Association of the East, will face the Hurricanes of the Caroline (6) in a confrontation 3 of 5, in the first round.

Ups and downs

In his first campaign in the circuit Bettman, Kakko has tallied 23 points, including 10 goals, in 66 parts. The big right wing has mostly lacked consistency in addition to finishing the year with a differential unenviable of -26.

“He showed good flashes. He also showed that he had some things to improve,” said Davidson, who admits that a lot of expectations that accompany a second choice to the total like him.

“He has learned from his 18 years in the best hockey league in the world, and it is hard. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things. I’ve also seen a lot of points to improve. I believe that he knows it. It will be a very good player, that’s for sure, but it must still follow the entire process”, he admitted.

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