Despite the pandemic, Trump tries to bounce back by finding the crowds

Malgré la pandémie, Trump tente de rebondir en retrouvant les foules

Faced with deep crises, assailed by critics, and declining in the polls, Donald Trump is trying the recovery on Saturday with a risky bet: find yourself in front of tens of thousands of people in the grandstands that he loves so much, for its first meeting of the campaign in the era of the coronavirus.

“My campaign has not started yet. It starts Saturday night in Oklahoma”, tweeted the us president, who briguera a second term during the presidential election of November 3.

Between “Trumpistes” demonstrators and anti-racism, up to 100,000 people are expected to attend from Friday to Saturday in Tulsa, the State’s conservative south of the United States.

And the tension weighs on the city, where it is feared the excesses around this meeting surrounded by a double controversy: first, the risk of worsening the spread of the Covid-19 in a country that displays the most heavy balance of the world, then the choice to organize his big return around the commemorations of the end of slavery. “A true slap in the face”, according to the local head of the movement “Black Lives Matter”.

The twists and turns around a curfew was ordered and then cancelled by the mayor and republican city have added to the controversy.

To justify the decision to impose it, the mayor G. T. Bynum had yet pointed out to have received information according to which individuals related to the groups “involved in an attitude of violent and destructive” were planning to “cause disorder”.

The president Trump had threatened the “protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters and the thugs who go in Oklahoma”.

Almost no masks

Styled caps “Trump 2020”, waving american flags and camping in the streets, enthusiastic supporters expect the president of the united states since the days to see it in person at 20: 00 on Saturday.

For this tribune, the big matches are a breath of fresh air. A moment comforting of communion with its base, whose loyalty is a safety net election.

Despite the pandemic, and while Oklahoma is experiencing exactly that, a strong thrust of the cases detected, it is in a roofed arena, the BOK Center, that will press some 20,000 people.

Stating that a million people had claimed the notes, Donald Trump has stated that approximately 40 000 may also attend the meeting in a conference room nearby.

Almost none of its supporters was wearing a mask Friday. And the participants in the meetings of Donald Trump will be required to sign a document saying that they waive any further if they catch the virus at this time.

Stephen Corley, 19, says he is more worried about the events of “leftist extremists” and “rioters” that the Covid-19.

“A threat to the health”

The organizers will take the temperature of the participants and will distribute hand sanitizer as well as masks.

Even so, the highly regarded expert in infectious diseases from the White House, Anthony Fauci, has been clear: would it be at such an event? “Of course not”.

“Trump is ready to spread the virus just to hear a few cheers”, said senator Bernie Sanders, an ex-presidential candidate and now support of Joe Biden.

In spite of his campaign to mute the confinement, Joe Biden, 77 years old, has recently taken off in the polls in front of Donald Trump, 74-year-old.

The former vice-president of Barack Obama strictly adheres to the instructions of the health authorities and has not organized a meeting at the beginning of march. Which earned him the mocking of the president, who accused him of “Joe’s asleep,” as he is nicknamed, to hide, because there is a lack of energy.

In the full historical movement of anger against racism and police violence, Donald Trump had initially chosen to organize its meeting on June 19, or “Juneteenth”, the date commemorating the emancipation of the last slaves in the United States. After a storm of criticism, it was postponed to the following day.

His opponents are indignaient in addition to his choice of Tulsa, marked by the memory of the massacre of up to 300 African-Americans by a mob of white, in 1921. Why, if not for a provocation, added it, choose Oklahoma for its first meeting back in the campaign so that the republican State is due to him?

“It has moved the date out of respect for them and they are not grateful”, said Tammy Willard, a hairdresser coming to the family, of Wichita, in the Arkansas neighbor to the meeting.

“How come they have not complained about demonstrations, riots and the funeral of George Floyd?”, adds the disabled wife of 52 years, camped since Wednesday.

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