Detective Pikachu : “Deadpool would like so much to caress him,” Ryan Reynolds interview

interview Off Screen Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds.

We met Ryan Reynolds in London for the release of the very fun Detective Pikachu, to the cinema since may 8. The canadian actor has entrusted us with his love for the Pokémon yellow tail electrical balance of “Pika Pika”. Interview video !

How would Deadpool of Pikachu ? This is one of the questions that we posed to Ryan Reynolds during our meeting in London (to see in our player above video). “I have to contain myself for the insults to four letters (the F**k that the merc with a mouth loves so much – ndr) would pose a real problem.” says the canadian star. “But Deadpool is a bleeding heart. He likes this, which is bland. I see love Detective Pikachu all in as much as My Little Pony. I am confident he would caress or adopt Pikachu“.

“I do not know much to Pokémon”.

Ryan Reynolds has many qualities. The franchise is one of them. When asked what attracted them to this role, the husband of Blake Lively is no shortage of note that there was no great thing in Pokémon, there are still few. “I knew Pokémon. It is such a cultural phenomenon that it has been hard to miss. But I did not know large-thing in the Pokémon universe. When I started this film, I had to follow an intensive course to learn the more possible the more quickly. I did not know large thing with Pokémon and it was cool to learn. It is fascinating and so detailed. The fans are obsessed with Pokémon, this is crazy.

Deadpool and Pikachu have several things in common

For Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool and Detective Pikachu may be different physically, they nevertheless share a lot of common points. Especially the fact that filter their reality through the valves, and humor. “Pikachu reminds me of Deadpool because he is also a big mouth to filter what he sees through the sense of humour…, ” continues the actor. “When you think about it it has a lot in common with Deadpool. Except that it doesn’t kill people and don’t swing insults with a vengeance.It is a figure of fun but for all the public unlike Deadpool.

“I like to hide the face”

As for the fact of not to show again his face on the screen, Ryan Reynolds says : “It’s super liberating. This is part of the fun of being an actor to show on the screen, but I really like the way hide me from the face. You may be more extravagant, crazy…“.

Find the interview of Ryan Reynolds in the video above.

Detective Pikachu is currently in the cinema.

Detective Pikachu : "Deadpool aimerait tellement le caresser" Ryan Reynolds en interview

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