Developed by Facebook called the social network “threat”

Chris Hughes calls on the U.S. government to limit the influence of Facebook and the power of Mark Zuckerberg

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Today, 09:25

Разработчик Facebook назвал соцсеть "опасной"

Facebook is becoming a dangerous monopoly

Co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes said that the social network and CEO mark Zuckerberg has gone too far and are already starting to control the flow of news influence on the market of social networks and in General to manipulate society. Hughes calls on the U.S. government to limit the influence of social networks and the power of its head, which becomes the “threat” that causes concern.

In an article published in The New York Times, Hughes presents compelling arguments in favor of abandoning Facebook. He believes that the company he helped create in a Dorm room of Harvard, has become a dangerous monopoly and should be regulated.

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“The influence of the Brand is stunning, it is much more than anyone else in the private sector or in government. The government must do two things: to break the monopoly of Facebook and to regulate the activities of the company so that it was more accountable to the Americans,” said Hughes.

According to Chris, Zuckerberg owns about 60% of the shares, so he takes an aggressive stance against competitors – it can easily “kill any competitor, just bought it.” In many cases, Facebook is either buying their competitors, or simply copied their ideas and functionality, bringing them out of business. As a result, nobody can compete with Facebook on any market on which they are active. Since then, Facebook came to power, there are no major new platforms, and some closed – to remember at least history with Google+.

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C every dollar spent on advertising in social networks, 84 cents go into the pockets of Facebook. Also staggering average monthly number of users. The interaction of projects like Instagram and WhatsApp is adjusted to force user to return to Facebook again and again.

Hughes offered to share the Facebook and belong to her Instagram and WhatsApp independent of the company, applying the antitrust laws. In addition, the U.S. government should establish a special body for control over the technological market.

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“Because Facebook dominates the social networks, he is not confronted with market responsibility. This means that every time Facebook makes a mistake, we repeat the tedious pattern: first indignation, then disappointment, and finally humility,” added Hughes.

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We will remind that earlier the head of Facebook invented a new way to unite billions of people. Also recently, Facebook staff have banned the use of Apple devices.

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