Dictatorship 101

Dictature 101

“We live under a dictatorship. Our prime minister is a tyrant. By making the wearing of masks mandatory in public places closed, it affects our personal freedoms. All that for a pandemic instigated by Bill Gates and his minions who want to enslave the universe to their totalitarian regime in order to create a new world order.”

Good, fairly raved!

The dictatorship is a concentration of all power in the hands of a single individual, a party, or a military force. As a synonym to the word dictator Google offers: Führer, Duce, Caesar. The first 2 referring to Hitler and Mussolini.

Mr. Legault has definitely not the profile.

When you think of the dictators of the modern era-these are names like Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping or Putin come to mind.

In their country, the freedom of speech does not exist. The social networks are controlled, the press muzzled, the army is pervasive and continuous monitoring.

Under a true totalitarian regime, this blog would be prohibited.

At least he made the apology of the plan or the officer-in-place. The most beautiful example is Raif Badawi flogged and jailed since June 2012 in Saudi Arabia.

Under a dictatorship, any dissident risk prison or disappearing in the nature. For Putin, it is an unfortunate accident. If however they manage to flee abroad, he sends a minion poison polonium. In China all those who have opened the hatch to alert the world about the dangers of this coronavirus, have died or remain unaccounted for.

Basically, what life is like under real dictatorships.

Think of the movements and mood of Saddam that was firing on his ministers in the middle of a meeting if they dared to raise an eyebrow. Not to mention the prisons of Bashar in Syria, where the torturers are competing in the art of inflicting pain.

Let’s say that we are light years from getting such an oppression!

The mask-wearing compulsory in a closed place, does not in itself constitute an infringement of freedom.

No more that the order to stop at a red light or wear a seat belt in a vehicle. In addition, it is a measure of tem-po-motion.

You don’t want to wear a mask? You can stay at home, order online and have delivered your purchases.

Shouting “Libarté” so have a thought for those who around the world are subjected to the rule of real dictators.

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