“Did drugs”: Justin Bieber before the wedding, openly spoke about the depression

The American singer has survived a difficult stage of growing up

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"Употреблял наркотики": Джастин Бибер перед свадьбой откровенно рассказал о депрессии

Justin Bieber

American singer Justin Bieber before the wedding to 22-year-old model Hailey Baldwin has decided to openly tell fans about the difficult period in life, which was accompanied by depression.

Hailey Baldwin admitted, yet strongly loves her husband. Details in video:

The American actor has impressed the fans too candid confession on how he survived adolescence, and that helped him cope with depression. To all, Justin Bieber did not conceal that at a young age was addicted to drugs and reckless attitude towards people who sincerely loved.

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“I went from being a 13-year-old boy from a small town to the world famous artist. At 18 I had no concept of life in the real world, however, I had millions of dollars and access to everything I wanted. It’s not the most pleasant of circumstances for everyone. At 19, I began to use heavy drugs, became angry, resentful, and disrespectful to women. I drifted away from all who loved me, and felt that can never change,” frankly wrote Justin Bieber on his page in Instagram.

25-year-old celebrity said that it took him years in order to rethink their behavior and grow up. Only then he was able to establish relationships with loved ones.

“Up to 20 years, I took the worst solution you could think of and went from adoration to universal hatred and condemnation. It took me years to build relationships with loved ones and to change their habits. Fortunately, God has blessed me and rewarded by people who love me the way I am” – summed up artist.

Recall that Justin Bieber and Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber officially became husband and wife in the fall of 2018 and planned to get married in February, but moved the date due to the depression of the singer. Bieber still is not emotionally stable, so it’s unknown when the couple will hold a wedding ceremony.

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