Did we see Celine Dion for the last time on stage?

Did we see Celine Dion for the last time on stage?


Unknowingly, Celine Dion fans who attended her concerts on the Courage tour at the Videotron Center and at the Bell Centre, in 2019 and 2020, did they attend the swan song on stage of the greatest Quebec singer of all time?

The question, so far taboo, has been openly posed since Celine Dion announced on Friday morning the cancellation of all her concerts, which were scheduled until April 2024, due to the impact on her life of stiff person syndrome (SPR), a rare pathology from which she suffers.

Although the 55-year-old star has promised not to give up the fight, her fans are anticipating the worst.

“She's not coming back, that's for sure.” “Done, she's never coming back.” This time it's over for good,” reads the Red Heads Facebook page, Celine Dion's fan club.

“I think people didn't realize extent of his condition,” said Red Heads president Line Basbous.

“Getting on stage, performing physical performances, is like being an athlete. Just imagine what condition she is in to be able to embark on a marathon like a tour. I really wonder if we didn't see her for the last time during the Courage tour.”

Are the tours over?< /strong>

Host Mike Gauthier is also on the side of the pessimists. “I have the impression, he believes, that the tours are over. If she gives shows again, it will happen in Las Vegas, where she has just sold her house.

Revealing clue: Celine Dion's Quebec team would have been advised to find other contracts, a sign that a return to the stage is not on the radar.

“She can come and put on a show special at the Bell Centre, but the problem is his damn illness. It can be treated, but it cannot be controlled. She can be on stage and run out of voice after three songs. It's just a shame that she didn't have time to do a farewell tour, like Elton John does now,” says Mike Gauthier.

The beautiful moments

Despite the seriousness of the news, many admirers of Celine Dion preferred to remember the beautiful moments that their idol made them live.

“We, the somewhat hardcore fans, we consider it extremely lucky to have listened to each other. To have sometimes a little exaggerated in the desire to go see her, to travel, to attend two concerts in the same week”, confides Line Basbous.

That said, a slim hope remains and , if ever she does not go back on stage, “why not an album?” launches the president of the Red Heads.