Did you know that Danilko naughty? Ass Carol convinced of this video

А вы знали, что Данилко шалун? Задница Кароль в этом убедилась, видео

Danilko and Carol, photo screenshot from video

today, 10:18

After national selection for the Eurovision song contest 2020 cameras caught an interesting moment on stage. So, the video shows that a representative jury is a singer Tina Karol in unison hugging a colleague, a famous Ukrainian artist Danilko, who performs in the image of Verka Serduchka. Danilko and the fingers do not made an easy pinched Tina on the buttock. About this video released on the official website of the Eurovision song contest in Іnstagram

А вы знали, что Данилко шалун? Задница Кароль в этом убедилась, видео

The national selection of Eurovision, a frame from the video

“Did you know that Danilko naughty?🤪🤪🤪”, – stated in the message.

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A leading national selection Sergey Pritula noticed an intimate moment, and Tina smiled and said that Pritula this can not be done.

“You can’t do this,” said Tina Sergey Pritula.

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We will remind, Tina behind the scenes of the national selection for Eurovision 2020 turned into sweet Monroe, Kennedy would not hold.

As reported Znaia the participants of the Eurovision 2020, who will sing on the main stage of Europe in may.

Also Znayu he wrote that the participant of national selection of “Eurovision 2020” Jerry Heil won the song for “From Tomboy to lady”.

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