Died actor Robert Forster: best films of the nominee on “Oscar”

The most memorable work of Forster, considered to be the role in the drama of Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie brown”

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Умер актер Роберт Форстер: лучшие фильмы номинанта на "Оскар"

Robert Forster in the film “the Path: breaking bad”

American actor Robert Forster died on Friday, October 11. He died the age of 78 years, presumably because of brain cancer. During his career, Forster has appeared in over 100 films and television series.

Robert Forster: biography

Robert Forster was born on 13 July 1941 in the town of Rochester (new York). Studied there at school. In 1959, after graduation, Robert continued to play in theatrical productions, although his parents insisted on the profession of psychologist.

In 1967, the future actor got a job working in the film company “20th Century Fox”, later debuted in film with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando in “Reflections in a Golden eye.”

Robert Forster was married twice. With his first wife June Provenzano he met while studying at the University of Rochester. They lived together for nine years and raised three daughters.

The second wife of actor became Zivia Forster. Their marriage lasted only two years. The actor has also left an illegitimate son Robert Forster III, who was born in 1965, before Forster married Provencano.

Best films of Robert Forster

Despite the fact that only 10 years after the start of a career in the movie Robert got the lead, and instantly became known for several years about the actor forgot.

Triumph Forster returned to the screens in the movie “Jackie brown” by Quentin Tarantino. For the part in the picture Robert was nominated for “Oscar”.

The actor also actively worked with another iconic Director David Lynch. Forster won the role in the film “Mulholland drive”., and in the third season of the cult TV series “twin Peaks”.

He has also appeared in the famous horror film “Black hole” and “alligator”.

The latest work by Robert Forster was the role in the film “El Camino: breaking bad,” which is a continuation of the series. Note that the actor died in day of a premiere of a feature film on Netflix.

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