Died Eduard Uspensky

Умер Эдуард Успенский

In Moscow on 81-m to year of life has died the Eduard Uspensky, the author of “Holidays in Prostokvashino”, “Crocodile Gena” and many other works. On it informs TV channel REN TV.

On the causes of death the main children’s writer Russia is not yet known.

Умер Эдуард Успенский

All my life a man dedicated to children and how to make them happy. The stories of the writer raised many generations of kids who believe in kindness and friendship, courage and honesty, and is therefore able to help their relatives in difficult times.

Biography of Eduard Artemyev began on 22 December 1937 in the city of Yegoryevsk. Higher education he received in Moscow aviation Institute. After graduation went to work as an engineer and in his spare time began to write scripts and stories for children.

Not long after working in the specialty, the assumption became involved in the career development of the writer. Wrote stories and poems for children, but published work often. Much more popular were humorous sketches and stories of Edward for a block of satire. However, the author did not want to develop in this direction.

Unknown, as if the fate of the best works, if they did not pay attention to the creators of the cartoon. Thanks to illustrate the writings of the assumption became widespread and worldwide fame.

Works of Edward Nikolaevicha are popular among readers around the world. The most well-known to a wide circle of readers by the books of this great author are stories about Prostokvashino that come with the Uncle Fedor, the Dog Sharik and the cat Matroskin. More popular were the stories involving Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka. The big distribution has received one of the first works of the author of “Down the magic river”.

Умер Эдуард Успенский

With the advent of popularity in the late 1970-ies Eduard Uspensky begins to play the radio to read poems and stories. He writes plays, telling about their favorite characters. In the 1980-ies published the first collection of stories about Shapoklyak, Matroskin, Koloboks.

More from the pen of Eduard Uspensky came out of the fairy tale “the Warranty people” and “Sledstvie vedut Kolobki”. Popularity of the poem “Scary story”.

Eduard Nikolaevich worked on television. He became the inspirer and author of a series of programs for children of all ages.

Soviet and Russian writer received numerous awards. In 1997 he was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland”. In 2010, Eduard Nikolaevich became the laureate of the prize named after Korney Chukovsky, which is awarded to outstanding children’s writers.

Умер Эдуард Успенский

As for the writer, he said that loves animals and birds at his house constantly lived parrots and dogs, for which the writer gladly cared.

A few years ago the writer was diagnosed with cancer. The man decided to fight with the disease and therefore underwent chemotherapy. Despite all efforts of doctors, the disease has continued to evolve. In February of 2018 in his own words of the writer, he was in the fourth stage of treatment, the most difficult and responsible. Despite constant pain, he continued to look optimistically to the future.

The evening of 14 August Eduard Nikolayevich Uspensky died. Eternal memory to the Great Master…

Умер Эдуард Успенский

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