Died legendary Ukrainian footballer Vitaliy Khmelnytskyi

Помер легендарний український футболіст Віталій Хмельницький

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One of the best strikers in the 60-ies was 75 years old

Today, February 13, on 76-m to year of life stopped beating heart of the outstanding striker of Kiev “Dynamo”, Donetsk “Shakhtar” and the national team of the USSR Vitaly Khmelnitsky.

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Vitaly Grigoryevich was born on 12 June 1975 in the village of Tymoshivka in Zaporizhia region, and my career in professional football started in the composition of Mariupol “Azuza”. However, do not play the game, even season-1962 among teams of class B, 19-year-old striker perebralsya in visalli Shakhtar Donetsk.

Going in Donetsk universities famous coach Oleg Oshenkov and spending in the top division of Soviet football 73 matches in which were scored 8 goals, Hop, as it was called throughout his career, he moved to Kiev, in Ukrainian main team “Dinamo”.

Khmelnytsky quickly became one of the key figures in almost unbeatable in the second half of the 60s the team of Victor Maslov, which has won three consecutive gold medals in the USSR Championships.

In General’nyts’kyi Dynamo became the quadruple champion of the USSR (1966, 1967, 1968, 1971), twice, in 1964 and 1966 won the Cup Union.

For the USSR national team in 1965-1971 years played 20 matches and scored 7 goals. Participant in the 1970 FIFA world Cup.

Worked as the head coach of the team “Granit” (Cherkasy) (1973-1974) and “Krivbass” (1978-1979). For more than three decades as a coach in the football Academy Kiev “Dynamo”. In fact, there and gone into retirement.

The editorial office of “Commander in chief” expresses condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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