Died not wearing his seat belt

Décédée en ne portant pas sa ceinture

The 20 year-old woman who died Tuesday after being ejected from a vehicle that had likely not taken care to fasten his safety belt, a trend still problematic among young people, regrets that the SAAQ.

Décédée en ne portant pas sa ceinture

Mario Vaillancourt
Spokesperson for the SAAQ

“In 2019, it is still nearly a quarter of young drivers between 16 and 24 years who died by not being attached “, commented Mario Vaillancourt, spokesman for the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

If there is still “a lot of outreach to do,” he has noticed some improvement with the years, since in 2018, this proportion rose to 33 %.

Proportionally, it is still among the 16-24 year olds that are the largest violation rate regarding the wearing of the belt, show the data from the SAAQ.

“Each year, there are 50 drivers or passengers who died while they were not wearing the belt. If all the world wore, it is estimated that half [of the deaths] could have been avoided. The belt, it comes protect, ” said Mr. Vaillancourt.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday afternoon at St.-Alphonse-Rodriguez, in Lanaudière, is a good example.

The vehicle in which took place the victim, Sarah Semaan, may have failed to yield the right of way to a truck, on the road 343, near the intersection of highway 337.

The driver of the truck was not able to avoid the collision, and struck the full force of the small car.

Safety at heart

As to why the young woman was not attached to it, this still remains nebulous. However, according to a friend of long standing, it is a situation that is very surprising.

“When I heard the news, I found myself without a voice. For me, it was impossible, not Sarah, said Alyssa Desnoyers-Lacasse. [She was] very conservative. She had her safety at heart. “

The two young women knew each other since 10 years, since their first year of secondary school.

“It was the teaser of the group, and his smile is so contagious pierced the shell of each person that crossed his path. The words will never be strong enough and quite beautiful to express the beauty of this princess, as much of the inside as from the outside “, said the girlfriend of the deceased.

She has to pay a vibrant tribute to Sarah Semaan, even if she is still inconsolable. “It has changed my life and I could never be enough grateful to have had the chance to be with her for so long,” pointed out Alyssa Desnoyers-Lacasse.

Bright future

She added that the victim had a bright future that loomed before her in the field of professional makeup.

“She had this chance to have the talent in her passion, makeup. […] I told him that one day she would be recognized for her talent, ” she detailed.

Many of the messages were posted Wednesday on the social networks to salute the memory of the young woman, who seemed to be very much appreciated.

“Sarah as we know it would not want us to be sad, she would tell us that life is lent to us “, concluded his long time friend.

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