Died on the eve of seeing his granddaughter

Décédé à la veille de voir sa petite-fille

A seventy-year-old cycling enthusiast has lost his life trying to avoid a pedestrian while he pédalait at a good speed on Sunday, the eve of his first meeting with his granddaughter born there are a dozen days.

“At least he went out doing what he loved “, was dropped on Monday, Ludvig Bessin-Bédard, in an interview with The Journal.

Instead of pronouncing these words, on Monday the 26 year old young man would have had to be on the point of presenting his father, Gilbert Bessin, to his granddaughter, Skye, was born on the 13th of may. The containment had delayed first meeting memorable.

But on Sunday night, the man is 71 years old had to join a friend cycling for a hike on Île-Bizard in Montreal.

At the intersection of the chemin du Bord-du-Lac and terrasse Pagé, at around 18: 15, he fell in attempting to avoid a collision with a pedestrian 21 years of age, was referred to the Montreal police.

It was travelling at a good speed, but everything indicates that it is an unfortunate accident, said the police.

Unconscious, Mr. Bessin was transported to the hospital, where his death has been found. The pedestrian was treated for nervous shock. He has not suffered injury.

Mr. Bessin, a cycling veteran, was recognized for his distrust, to circulate in the streets, for fear of being hit by a car.

Those who knew him well know that his track of choice was the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit. There he felt safe. However, the circuit île Notre-Dame was closed until recently due to the pandemic.

“He never wanted to ride elsewhere. And in the end, it is with a pedestrian that it has fallen “, has ironisé Gérard Louis Robert, a friend of the past two decades.

1000 races

He described Mr. Bessin as a man of ” charming and super-friendly “, which was more than 1000 races in his career.

“It was a cyclist and very involved,” said Louis Barbeau, director general of the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes.

In addition to its numerous titles as a runner, the French original has served for many years on the committee of the Association of cyclists veterans of Quebec.

“At 71 years of age, when people continue to practice the sport too hard, we can just admire it,” said Mr. Barbeau.

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