Died Stanislav Govorukhin. Now it’s official (updated)

Умер Станислав Говорухин. Теперь — официально (обновлено)

Thursday, June 14, died a famous film Director and screenwriter Stanislav Govorukhin. This was announced at a meeting of the Russian State Duma its speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. Govorukhin was 82 years old.

We will remind, on Wednesday, June 13, in Russian media there were messages on death of famous Director and screenwriter Stanislav Govorukhin. They claimed that 82-year-old filmmaker felt bad in Sochi, where he was at the festival “Kinotavr”. Back in Moscow, the head of allegedly urgently admitted to the hospital. There he fell into a coma, and then died.

The first information about the death of Stanislav Sergeevich has denied his assistant. “He’s alive. Nothing more to comment,” she said to journalists.

Then the first Deputy Chairman of State Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko has told that the state Govorukhin, who heads the Committee, “not so hard to talk about the hospital.”

“He is in a sanatorium “Barvikha”. He feels is tolerable, is not in the hospital. Checked an hour ago, called his wife,” said Drapeko.

Stanislav Govorukhin was born on March 29, 1936 in Berezniki, Sverdlovsk region. At present it is the territory of Perm region. Parents Stanislaus, don Cossack and the tailor — divorced before his birth. The education of the son was engaged only in the mother.

In 1958 the administration of graduated from the geological faculty of the Kazan state University. Ulyanov-Lenin. However, a degree worked for about a year. In 1959, he became editor and assistant Director at Kazan TV Studio.

In 1966 graduated from the directing Department of the all-Union state Institute of cinematography (VGIK). After graduating, he went to Odessa, where for 20 years he worked as a Director and screenwriter.

Умер Станислав Говорухин. Теперь — официально (обновлено)

Vladimir Vysotsky in the film “Vertical”

Govorukhin has shot a number of films, which in Soviet times became cult: “Vertical”, “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, “In search of captain Grant”, “Ten little Indians”. Also wrote the screenplay for the film “pirates of the XX century”. And he worked at the Odessa film Studio.

Умер Станислав Говорухин. Теперь — официально (обновлено)

Vladimir Konkin and Vladimir Vysotsky in the TV serial “the meeting Place cannot be changed”

After the collapse of the USSR Govorukhin settled in Moscow. Took some pictures, which caused a debate in society, including the “Voroshilov sharpshooter”, “Bless the woman” “Not bread uniform”, “Passenger”. The latest work Govorukhin is a picture of “the End of a great era”, taken from the stories of Sergei Dovlatov.

Умер Станислав Говорухин. Теперь — официально (обновлено)

Vladimir Gostyukhin and Lembit ulfsak in the TV serial “In search of captain Grant”

In 2014, the administration actively supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Stanislav Govorukhin was married twice. His first wife was a Soviet stage actress of Juno Karev. They married in 1961. Then they had a son Sergei. He was born in Kharkov on 1 September 1961. Sergei walked in the footsteps of his father. Had to remove three paintings — “Damned and forgotten”, “Nobody but us…”, the Land of the people”. Govorukhin, Jr. died in October 2011. The cause of death was a stroke. Sergei was twice married. He is survived by two sons and an illegitimate daughter.

Умер Станислав Говорухин. Теперь — официально (обновлено)

A scene from the movie “Ten little Indians”

The second wife of Stanislav Govorukhin was Galina. They met at the Odessa film Studio, where she worked as an editor.

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