Died the author of “Bonfire of the vanities” Tom Wolfe

Умер автор "Костра тщеславий" Том Вулф

Monday, may 14, in new York at the age of 88 years died a famous American writer and journalist Tom Wolfe. He was a pioneer of the so-called new journalism. Wolfe skillfully used literary devices in his essays. Typically, he chose the object of study — a person or group of people that interested him for one reason or another, became acquainted with them as possible, they took their several interviews, and then used all the material collected, supplementing it with a reconstruction of the events, which sometimes did not participate. Many of his essays have long been a classic of American journalism of the twentieth century.

Wolfe wrote about hippies, surfers, artists, musicians, writers, public figures. However, he experimented with style and rained on the reader with your huge vocabulary. He received eight prestigious literary awards for his work.

The most famous collection of essays Wolfe is “Konfederasyonu apersonality streamlined baby”, first published in 1965.

His documentary novel “Battle for space” (in another translation “the right thing”) was released in 1979. He talks about the American astronauts. The book became a sensation. It is dedicated to the confrontation of the USA and the USSR in the field of space exploration. In 1983 the novel was adapted for the big screen. In Russian translation the movie is called “the right stuff”. Took it off a famous film Director Philip Kaufman (“the Unbearable lightness of being”). The main role in the film was played by Scott Glenn, ed Harris, Dennis Quaid, Barbara Hershey.

Huge popularity all over the world and enjoys art Wolfe’s novel “Bonfire of ambition” (or “bonfire of the vanities”). The book has also been filmed. In the film by Brian de Palma starring Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Morgan Freeman.

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