Died the author of the song “Winged swing” composer Evgenie Krylatov: what is known

He died from double pneumonia

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Умер автор песни "Крылатые качели" композитор Евгений Крылатов: что известно

Died Evgenie Krylatov

In Moscow on may 8, died a famous Soviet and Russian composer Yevgeny Krylatov. The musician was 85 years old. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash. He died in hospital from double pneumonia. The composer wrote the music for over 160 films and cartoons, many of which are iconic.

Died Evgenie Krylatov: a biography of the composer

Eugene Krylatov was born on 23 February 1934 in a family of workers. When Krylatova was 2 years old, the family moved from the city of Lysva in the Motovilikha work Perm where his parents worked at the plant. Motovilikha after graduating from music school, Krylatov entered Perm musical College. At the Moscow Conservatory Evgenie Krylatov studied at two faculties: the class of composition with Professor M. I. Chulaki and the piano class of V. A. Natanson. Eugene Krylatov has become an important communication in the Conservatory with M. I. Chulaki.

The wife of the composer, a native of Crimea Seville Sabitovna Karamanov, died in 2014. Son Krylatov Pavel Krylatov became a screenwriter, author of scripts for the films “Womanizer”, “Turn key”. Daughter Maria is a musicologist by training, has devoted himself to the study of Christianity, author of the book “the keys of the Kingdom”.

Died Evgenie Krylatov: the best songs

The authorship of Eugene Krylatov belong to such songs as “Forest deer” (for/f “Oh, this Nastja!”), “Winged swing” (K/f “the adventures of electronics”), “Three white horse” (“Magicians”), “Beautiful far” (“guest from the future”) and many others.

The composer also wrote the music for the animated trilogy “Buttermilk” – “If it had not been winter”, “Roger Song” and others.

And the beginning of his wide fame as a composer was the music to the cartoon “Umka” (1969) with the famous “Lullaby bear”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that actor Alexey Buldakov before departure to Moscow, in hotel of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Also previously died the star of the films “Love and pigeons” and “the meeting Place cannot be changed” Sergei Yursky.

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