Died the star of “Interns” and the son of a famous actress: “What pain!”

Ушел из жизни звезда "Интернов" и сын известной актрисы: "Какая боль!"

Candle of grief, Illustrative photo

today, 14:34

In the Russian capital Moscow has died the actor Danila Perov. The man was only 51. This was reported on the website “Commonwealth of actors of taganki”.

He was the only son of a famous actress Raisa Ryazanova, which is known to the wide spectator on films “jumble”, “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “Soldiers” and not only.

Danila Perov was responsive and loved member of the team and honored artist of the Russian Federation. Among his most famous roles – participation in the TV series “Interns”, “Hotel “Eleon” and “Univer”.

Ушел из жизни звезда "Интернов" и сын известной актрисы: "Какая боль!"

On the death of actor also said the actress Elena Skorokhodova on the personal page on Facebook and told about the cause of death.

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“From Raisa Ryazanova died the only son of Daniel <…> Cause a blood clot”, – briefly said the actress, expressing native actor my sympathy.

From Raisa Ryazanova died the only son Daniel. 1968ого year of birth. What a pain! The reason for the clot.
In the photo…

Geplaatst door Elena Skorohodova op Woensdag 22 januari 2020

Perov was the only son of 75-year-old Ryazanova. Now, the actress remained only the grandson of Andrew, the son of actor.

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