Died Willie Tokarev: the best songs of the legendary singer

The artist began his career as a performer of jazz and played the double bass

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Умер Вилли Токарев: лучшие песни легендарного шансонье

Willy Tokarev

Sunday, 4 August, it became known about death of the famous singer and songwriter Willy Tokarev. The most popular songs of the legendary singer of steel “Skyscrapers”, “Over the Hudson,” “In a noisy farce” and others. Further, the material Today.Lyfestyle listen to the best hits of Willy Tokarev.

The most popular hits of the 90s look in the video:

Willie Tokarev: a biography and greatest hits

Music education Tokarev received in Leningrad. After graduation he held various orchestras and ensembles, and before emigration to USA he worked in the orchestra of the Leningrad radio and television. In 1979, Willy Tokarev released his first American collection “And life, it is always beautiful.”

The album “In a noisy farce” brought Willie’s popularity among Russian-speaking immigrants in America.

In the 1980s, Willie established their own label “One Man Band”, where he recorded about twenty albums. During this period he worked in a Russian restaurant “Sadko”, and then in the restaurant “seaside” and “Odessa”, where he was accompanied by Irina Ola.

In 1989, Willy Tokarev arrived in the USSR with concerts, which were warmly received by the public. In 2005 Tokarev moved to Moscow and opened his own house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment recording Studio.

From 1976 to 2014, Willy Tokarev released 50 albums, and 6 compilations.

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