Dieudonné show banned, childbirth over the phone, mother and daughter found dead… the main news in the region

Dieudonné show banned, childbirth over the phone, mother and daughter found dead... the main news in the region

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The birth takes place with the firefighters on the phone

#GARD – Big scare on February 29. A 23-year-old young woman had to give birth faster than expected, at her home in Rochefort-du-Gard. The future father, panicked, called the firefighters. On the phone, the operator gave her advice with the greatest composure, while the little girl was being born. The mother and her baby were then taken care of by an ambulance from the Angles fire brigade and a medical team from Smur and transported to the Avignon hospital center. For the record, the little girl was indeed born… February 29.

Mother and her daughter found dead: the trail of the accident

#P-O – A 26-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter were found dead by firefighters this Thursday at the end of ;rsquo;afternoon in their apartment located on the 2nd floor of a house in the center of the village of Elne, near Perpignan. According to the first elements, the deaths would be of accidental origin. « It seems that the young woman felt unwell, and that when she fell, the cigarette she was smoking caused a fire. Which fortunately quickly died out on its own, but which undoubtedly caused the death by asphyxiation of the little girl, lying in her bed in the next room » , said Perpignan deputy prosecutor Nicolas Brignol on Friday.

Foreigners invest in Occitanie

#ECONOMY – Foreign economic players have invested, in 2023, in Occitanie, in 136 projects: 65 of them are extensions and 57 creations, that is to say new establishments. These commitments from foreign investors have enabled the maintenance of 6,847 jobs, according to the count carried out by Ad’Occ, the economic development structure of the Occitanie Region. This represents an increase of 29 % compared to 2022. « The main investing countries in Occitania are the United States (22 projects, +1,220 jobs), Germany (18 projects, +870 jobs), the Netherlands (12 projects, +299 jobs) ;, specifies Ad’Occ. Not all departments benefit from the same benefits from this dynamic of foreign investment. In terms of jobs, it mainly benefits Haute-Garonne (77% of jobs generated), ahead of Hérault (6%) and Tarn-et-Garonne (5.5%). Finally, they are concentrated in the aeronautics, space and mobility sectors: the aeronautics, naval and railway sectors remain the most important contributors to job creation, with 51.8% of jobs generated .

Today’s number: 4

#P-O –After four days of closure due to social movements by farmers on the Spanish side of the border with France, which began on Tuesday, the A9 motorway was reopened this Friday March 1 at 5 p.m. Traffic is therefore possible again on the A9 between the Perpignan Nord interchange (n°41) and the border. After a compulsory parking phase at the Leucate exit, heavy goods vehicles were invited in convoys to resume their route towards Spain.

The forbidden Dieudonné show

#MONTPELLIER – The "Sous bracelet show: an extraordinary show" by Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, which was to be held this Friday, March 1 in Montpellier, was banned by municipal decree. Faced with the risk of disturbances to public order and in the absence of knowledge of the exact location of the performance, the prefect of Hérault has also banned the performance of this show in the city. entire department. Dieudonné has been the subject of numerous criminal convictions, some of which were final for comments of an anti-Semitic nature.

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