Difficult for the merchants of the Plaza Saint-Hubert

Difficile pour les commerçants de la Plaza Saint-Hubert

The work on the rue Saint-Hubert, in addition to the pandemic COVID-19, have affected the business of many merchants of the Plaza who have difficulty to find their customers.

From the outset, the owner of the Warehouse Extension cords entrust have sometimes no customer in a day.

“The construction was very difficult and the COVID also. Since we re-opened the store, people are not at the rendezvous. There are not as many customers as there were before. Yesterday, we had no client. Today, I have nothing yet, no person is entered in the store”, has admitted Mariama Kaké the “24 Hours” last Friday.

The owner of the clothing store Urban Space has also noticed a decrease in traffic congestion on the section shopping montreal.

“There is less traffic on the street. People are less likely to come and shop on the rue Saint-Hubert. It affects my traffic. This is why I’m more aggressive side visibility with advertisements, and social networking,” observed Keithy Antoine.


The work on the Plaza Saint-Hubert, initiated since the summer of 2018, are almost finished, but have nevertheless had time to affect many merchants.

To help shopkeepers to get up, a campaign of sociofinancement has been put in place. It works by purchase, that we can get to shop in one of the 120 participating merchants.

“The City of Montreal is involved. For every dollar spent, the City expands to a value of 50 %. For example, if you spend $ 20 on it, the City adds 10 $. The customer thus has a value of $ 30 instead of $ 20, ” explained the director general of Société de développement commercial (SDC Plaza St-Hubert, Mike Parente.

It is the merchants “very resilient”.

“There has been a decline of 20 % to 35 % of traffic with the work. This is the reality. The clientele is not necessarily totally income, but it is necessary to take account of the pandemic. It has not helped anyone,” he said.

You can participate in this initiative by going to www.laruchequebec.com and by typing “Plaza Saint-Hubert” in the search bar.


The initiative is all the more appreciated that some traders are wondering if they will have to close.

“There are traders that I talk to who see the potential to close. People are talking a lot about their business strategies. People plan their projects and some have to cancel,” said Keithy Antoine, who was believed to have to close up shop at the worst moment of the crisis of the pandemic.

“There is already talk of reconfinement… It should be ready for anything, you need to be able to project themselves into the future, and in the context of the COVID, it is very difficult to know when one is an entrepreneur. Never seen that before”, she added.

Mariama Kaké, she did not intend to close for the time being, but laments the financial difficulties with which his shop has to face.

“There are no customers, but the expenses remain the same. I had to sometimes pay out of my own pocket to pay my bills. It is difficult,” said the one who would have liked to have more support from the City for the work.

“The City has not given us any grant for the works. There has been no reduction of rent and no subsidy. The costs to pay the rent remained the same”, she lamented.

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