Difficult to find wood for work

Difficile de se trouver du bois pour des travaux

The people who have ideas of grandeur for their renovation projects exterior may need to downgrade their ambitions so that a supply disruption affecting several construction materials, including treated wood.

Proof that Quebecers are spending more time at home, the investments in the projects of exterior upgrades have exploded this summer. In fact, the application would have at least doubled in recent weeks.

“We have seen an increase in demand of two to three times higher than last year at the level of construction materials, mainly wood, in the treaty,” explains Alexandra Thomson, a spokesman for the chain of hardware BMR.

In the greater Quebec city area, the materials are difficult to find and the delivery time can complicate projects.

“I’ve never seen demand so strong. It is empty everywhere, and nobody is able to have, ” says Bruno Lavoie, owner of Materials Lavoie, detailing BMR in Lévis.

Sawmills are being overrun

According to the people consulted, the capacity of the sawmills would be involved in this shortage. Everyone had to stop their production for several weeks while the appetite of the customers, he exploded.

“The sawmills do not provide. There are products where the orders are going up in November, ” says Robert Dorval, deputy director at Canac, Saint-Romuald.

The inventories have therefore lowered quickly. “The porters tell us that the courses are empty. I have a supplier that usually has 4 million square feet of wood in the yard, and there, it doesn’t even have 100 000 “, adds Bruno Lavoie.

The Journal has tried without success to obtain the opinion of the chain, RONA, and several wood suppliers on the issue, without success.

Inflated prices

All this has had the effect of inflating the price of the wood between 30 % and 40 % depending on the type or cutting.

“Currently, we do not buy price, we buy as soon as there are quantities, even if it is more expensive “, image by Mr. Lavoie.

But the price increases have also their limit. Some have preferred to dispense with certain materials rather than to pass a bill over-inflated.

“We refused the proposals of some sawmills because we didn’t want to sell five times the price to the customer,” said Robert Dorval.

The solution might therefore be to defer the projects too large to thwart the bills are inflated and avoid a logistical headache.

“A big project ? I would expect the fall to be honest, ” admits Bruno Lavoie.

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