Difficult to get a work permit for immigrants

Difficile d'obtenir un permis de travail pour des immigrants

With the pandemic, the problems for immigrants who wish to settle in Quebec. This is the case of a woman of Lévis, of mexican origin, that attempts to obtain a temporary work permit, but is facing significant delays.

In couple since 2016, Guillaume and his wife, Paola, were married last summer in Mexico, where they had met. Having immigrated to Quebec for a few months through the federal program of sponsorship of wife, Paola is now ready to integrate.

However, her application for temporary work permit from Immigration Canada have not even been open six months after its sending. “Plenty of employers here are trying to find employees. Me, I want to work and I can’t do it”, she lamented.

“Immigration has completely ceased its operations in our category. The Certificate of selection of Quebec (CSQ), you can’t get it no more because it was not the first step of the federal government, as the operations have stopped,” added her partner, Guillaume.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused an explosion in the processing time of records.

“One turns to the inch. I work, I am lucky. She learns a bit of French and participating in the community organizations, but we look at the shortage of manpower here, in Lévis, and we would very much like it to work”, he added.

The integration of this Mexican of 30 years could be affected. “It is a feeling of fear, one is on the alert, explained Benoît Songa, the director of the Centre R. I. R. E. 2000 of Quebec, who comes to the aid of immigrants. The fact of not having work, there is no input of money. Therefore, you should not put yourself in a compromising situation because it can be very expensive.”

“It makes me very anxious and it delays my integration”, added Paola in an English rather well controlled.

Out of patience, Guillaume intends to turn to his local mps. “If I had known that it would be too long, I would have tried for me to do otherwise”, he said.

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