Digital inequity is real among young people

L’inégalité numérique est réelle chez les jeunes

All youth are not equal when it comes time to study with digital tools, according to the organization’s Spring digital.

Following a research involving interviewing young people, this group believes that there is a divide between students who have access to these technologies and those who must do without.

“The current crisis is accelerating the digital transformation of education, and highlights the inequalities. With containment, we find a large variation in the use of the digital, both in terms of infrastructure, equipment and skills,” said the director general of the Spring digital, Mehdi Benboubakeur, in a press release published on Monday.

His organization reports that 4.4% of young people surveyed had no smart phone or computer, games console, tablet, or watch smart.

She also claims that the higher the level of education of parents, the higher their children have digital equipment.

The study also indicates that young people often say learning to use these digital tools by themselves.

Therefore, Spring digital recommends that the system of education ensures that more children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those living in the region have access to education in digital literacy and the tools that come with it.

Conducted by Amina Yagoubi, phd in sociology and researcher at the Canada research Chair on equity digital education from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), this research consists of 411 responses of young people to a survey on digital tablet; 54 vox pop, and three in-depth interviews.

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