Digital platforms: here are 5 films where the heroes are in survival mode

Digital platforms: here are 5 movies where the heroes are in survival mode


Artists and filmmakers know how to place heroes in situations where their lives hang by a thread. Suddenly, the spectators go through the whole range of emotions, as is the case alongside Tom Hanks the time of Seul au monde or Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. And there are plenty of other survival movies that induce cold sweats… 

The Hungry

For a handful of people who have not been turned into zombies, there seems to be only one escape from the attacks of the transformed inhabitants of a small Quebec village: escape into the forest. Fortunately, Bonin (Marc-André Grondin) and Vézina (Didier Lucien) are used to rubbing shoulders with bloodthirsty creatures… In order to “study humanity”, filmmaker Robin Aubert turned to the zombies. A good dose of horror – and blood – which does not overshadow the hope that animates the director.

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127 Hours 

(v.o. 127 Hours< /em>)

Five long days. That's how long Aron Ralston's ordeal lasted in the Utah Gorge. The mountaineer played by James Franco (screaming truth) found himself stranded in a canyon while alone and his cries for help were for naught. A real nightmare where death came to titillate him. The young man was therefore forced to make a heartbreaking, but salutary choice. A striking gesture. Directed by Danny Boyle based on a true story.

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The Road 

(v.o. The Road)

Being one of the last survivors… Alarming or motivating? In this post-apocalyptic tale bringing to life the novel by Cormac McCarthy, a father (Viggo Mortensen) and his son were spared from a great upheaval that occurred 10 years ago. They must now deal with a depressing reality where hope is hiding when they have nowhere to go. The scarcity of souls that live does not guarantee the absence of danger and encounters to avoid. Despite everything, we must continue to believe in the future…

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The Impossible 

(v.o. The Impossible)

Sometimes you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even on vacation. A couple and their three children have the misfortune to set foot in Thailand just two days before a tsunami hits. It's December 24 and the magic of Christmas is in the air. However, Mother Nature spoils the celebrations. The members of this endearing family will therefore be separated. They will have to gather their energies and be brave, because the road will be long… A film that makes your heart beat faster.

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Mad Max: The Road to Chaos 

(v.o. Mad Max: Fury Road)

Fasten your seatbelts; it's quite a trip that Mad Max (intense Tom Hardy) is preparing in the desert. If some prefer to be supported in order to face the dangers, it is quite the opposite of the solitary rider. Unfortunately for him, he is taken prisoner. He manages to escape and must quickly make a decision: to continue his dangerous path alone or to join forces with strangers (including an empress played by Charlize Theron). It's moving and it's inflating!

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