Digital platforms: here are 5 Intense series, but true!

Digital Platforms: Here are 5 series Intense, but true!< /p> UPDATE DAY

Sometimes reality beats fiction. Unfortunately, this reality can be ugly, frustrating and trying. Some producers still show an interest in sharing heavy stories. Here are a few. 

Candy: Murder in Texas 

(v.o. Candy)

Jessica Biel is unrecognizable in this miniseries. She lends her features to Candy Montgomery, a mother who led a tidy life until she killed a good friend of hers, the wife of her lover, with 41 ax blows in 1980 in Wylie, Texas. . At trial, the defendant pleaded self-defence. The affair obviously resonated strongly with the Americans, because nothing foreshadowed such a tragedy. With a well-stocked mustache, Justin Timberlake plays a policeman.

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Going to the act

Murderous impulses that lead to committing the irreparable. Horrible crimes committed for all sorts of reasons. Perpetrators of familicides are scrutinized by psychiatric experts who have sought to understand how they crossed the point of no return. Real statements from bloodcurdling killers (“I killed my daughter to protect her from worse things that could happen to her, as if there were worse than death”) fall on the ears of very professional attentive. 

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The Dumont affair< /em>

What would you do if you were accused of a sexual assault that you did not commit? Worse: how would you react if you were found guilty? This is what happened to Michel Dumont (played by Marc-André Grondin) whose life changed overnight when he was handcuffed. Supported by Solange Tremblay (Marilyn Castonguay) who believed in his innocence, he waged a long legal battle to regain control of his life. The realization of Podz is still featured during the time of this film where one would not want to be in the shoes of the accused.

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Child Collectors

With the proliferation of images on the internet, cyberpedophilia has become a real issue in Quebec. Predators look at photos and videos of minors, exchange them or use them as a tool for blackmail. In this shocking documentary series, Paul Arcand talks with men who have had reprehensible behavior, but also with victims marked for life. The answers and testimonies he collects are destabilizing, saddening and infuriating. The innocence of many children is violated, because there is no shortage of cases.

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Unveiled last September, the series instantly created a stir. The many shocking and explicit scenes, the oppressive atmosphere and the sadistic actions have undoubtedly delivered tons of nightmares. Nicknamed 'the cannibal of Milwaukee', one of America's most notorious serial killers amused himself at the expense of nearly 20 victims for more than 10 years before police, blamed for his incompetence, managed to stop the carnage. A disturbed and disturbing man who has long generated horror. Hard to believe and watch, but sadly true.

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