Dilapidated schools: the leader of the PLQ is in the wrong year

Dilapidated schools: the leader of the PLQ is in the wrong year

and Philippe Langlois MISE À DAY

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The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Marc Tanguay, lamented in the Assembly national Tuesday that in “2019, 48.3% of schools were judged to be in poor or very poor condition. […] It went from 48.3%, in fact, to 61% today, the state of dilapidation of our schools.


Dilapidated schools: the leader of the PLQ is in the wrong year< /p>

The Liberal leader has the wrong year. In 2019, 54% of schools were deemed to be in poor or very poor condition, according to what can be seen in the 2019-2029 Quebec Infrastructure Plan (PQI). This statistic was also cited in a report by the Auditor General for the year 2019. 

Where does the 48.3% cited by Mr. Tanguay come from? From a table presented in the 2018-2028 PQI, below which it is indicated that the data dates from… January 2018. 

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The Mr. Tanguay's press secretary explained that by “saying 2019, he was referring to the data available in our last PQI when we were in government, therefore that of 2018-2019. The objective was to draw a portrait of the increase in the dilapidation of schools since the arrival of the CAQ.” 

Mr. Tanguay has since recovered by indicating Wednesday during question period that “It has gone [the dilapidation of schools] for five years, from 48% to 61%.” 

Rate of dilapidated schools per year

  • 2023-2033: 61% 
  • 2022-2032: 59% 
  • 2021-2031: 56% 
  • 2020-2030: 54%  
  • 2019-2020: 54% 
  • 2018-2028: 48%