“Dinner” the killer caught on video

Angler Matt Riley published online exciting video

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"Ужин" акулы-людоеда попал на видео

The video showed how the man-eater grabbed the dead whale

Eating whale great white man-eating shark managed to capture on video the angler Matt Riley of the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The video with the predator the man has published on his page in Instagram.

“This is the most unusual that I’ve seen. Great white sharks up to six metres in length and eat dead whale,” wrote Riley, attaching to post a few videos.

In the first frame the man-eater has his nose in a fishing boat. Hear the man surprised her sheer size.

Watch the video: sharks sunk the boat with the fishermen

Users in the network have admired what he saw on video. “Better to stay alive than to take this “dinner” on the camera – they write. – But the video is impressive”. Some admitted that in place of Riley, they tried to quickly swim away or hit the shark with something heavy.

American has also published two photographs showing the dead body of the whale and the shark.

Earlier “Today” wrote, as in the waters of the red sea oceanic whitetip shark attacked the diver. In addition, we described how sharks sank the boat with the fishermen.

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