Dinosaurs the size of a coyote: meet a new kind

Dinosaurs the size of a coyote: meet a new kind

Surprisingly, these crumbs were relatives or even direct ancestors of tyrannosaurs, one of the most feared and biggest predators in the history of our planet.

May 7, 2019 at 12:43


Динозавры размером с койота: встречайте новый вид

Динозавры размером с койота: встречайте новый вид

The remains of a new species of tyrannosaurids, called Suskityrannus hazelae was found in the American state of new Mexico. This species, as scientists have identified, lived some 92 million years ago and the height was only about one meter.

Most of the earlier tyrannosaurid was quite small, but later appeared their much larger relatives. The emergence of the first known tyrannosaurids occurred about 150 million years ago, huge dinosaurs of the family — the tyrannosaurs are believed to have appeared about 81 million years ago. Information about what happened in the interval, quite a few.

However, now there are data that can provide valuable information about this time: we have recently described a small tyrannosaurids Moros intrepidus, which, like Suskityrannus hazelae, on average, lived in the Cretaceous period.

Suskityrannus hazelae size resembled that of a coyote: its length was approximately 25-32 cm, weight – not more than 20-40 pounds. His body was only a little more than the skull of Tyrannosaurus Rex; however, they found the remains of Suskityrannus hazelaeпринадлежали very young individuals, so maybe the adults were slightly larger.

Opening Suskityrannus hazelae can help paleontologists better understand the evolution of tyrannosaurids is to understand how these dinosaurs has changed so much and quickly and eventually became one of the largest predators in history.

Work on the study, published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.


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