DIRECT. Iran's attack on Israel: France's reaction, G7 leaders summoned… follow developments

DIRECT. Iran's attack on Israel: France's reaction, G7 leaders summoned... follow developments

Explosions photographed in the Tel Aviv sky on the night of April 14. XinHua – Tomer Neuberg/JINI

Iran launched a drone and missile attack against Israel overnight from Saturday to Sunday. This attack raises fears of an escalation which could set the Middle East ablaze. Follow the evolution of the situation.

Since April 1, after suspected Israeli airstrikes on its consulate in Damascus, the Syrian capital, killed seven Revolutionary Guard officers, including two top commanders rank, Iran threatens to retaliate.

Israel estimates that Iran launched around a hundred drones and cruise missiles, some of which were shot down over Syria or Jordan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently convened his war cabinet at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv. The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which has lasted for more than six months, has exacerbated tensions in the region and raised fears of a conflagration in the Middle East.


Iranians celebrate attack

“Death to Israel”, “Death to America “, slogans from the 1979 Islamic Revolution were chanted by thousands of Iranians gathered in the country's main cities after the attack on Israel.

DIRECT. Iran's attack on Israel: France's reaction, G7 leaders summoned... follow developments

Iranians celebrate the attack. MAXPPP 07h17.

Biden summons G7 leaders

US President Joe Biden says he has assured Netanyahu of the United States' “unwavering” support for Israel. He will convene G7 leaders on Sunday to discuss Iran's attack on Israel.


Israel claims to have 'foiled' the attack

“The Iranian attack was foiled (…). We intercepted 99 % of fire towards Israel”, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a televised address after a massive Iranian attack in which it launched more than 200 drones and missiles to Israel.


France condemns the attack

France condemns “with the greatest firmness” the attack launched by Iran against Israel , declared Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné on Saturday. “By deciding to take such an unprecedented action, Iran is taking a new step in its destabilizing actions and taking the risk of a military escalation”, a declared Stéphane Séjourné on the social network added


Closure of airspaces

Israel, Lebanon and even Jordan , announced the closure of their airspace during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Egyptian air defenses have been put on alert, local military and security sources reported.

Iranian Minister of Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani warned that Tehran would respond strongly to any country that “opens its airspace or territory to allow attacks by Israel against Iran”, Iran's semi-official news agency reported on Sunday Mehr.

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