Director Ahtem Seytablaev became a member of the European film Academy

Ahtem Seitablaev became the Director of the film “Zakhar Berkut”

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Режиссер Ахтем Сеитаблаев стал членом Европейской киноакадемии

Ahtem Seitablaev

Ukrainian actor and Director Ahtem Seytablaev, which “Today” interview, became a member of European film Academy. This is stated on the page of the Ukrainian Academy in Facebook.

Watch the video on how Ahtem Seitablaev told about creative plans, and family matters:

“Congratulations to the Ukrainian Director, actor, winner of National film award “Gold Jia” Ahtem Seitablaev with the honorary title of member of the European film Academy”, – said the publication.

It should be noted that Ahtem Seitablaev became the 42nd Ukrainian filmmaker in the ranks of the European Academy.

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Add that Ahtem played in more than 25 films and television series. Last role was in the film “Home” – the film participated in the competitive program of the 72nd Cannes international film festival and received the Grand Prix of the 10th international cinema festival in Odessa.

Earlier, the Director of the film “Zakhar Berkut” Ahtem Seitablaev told Today.Lifestyle about the filming process and the acting.

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