Director of “Grammy” was fired for the disclosure of the secrets of the Academy: “Claims and fake winners”

Директора "Грэмми" уволили за раскрытие тайн академии: "Притязания и подставные победители"

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A few days before the ceremony Grammy at the recording Academy, which presents the award, a scandal erupted.
On it informs edition DEADLINE.
Just last year there was fired the previous Director for zvinuvachennya the rape of the singer, and this year the Academy has offered to go to his heiress Deborah Dugan, for her tactless behaviour, toxicity on working conditions and abuse of their powers. In response, the woman revealed all the sins of the Academy.

According to Deborah, the prize Committee promotes artists with whom friendly terms, and if the artist or his producer has friends there he can easily give the nomination. And in the same way the Board of Directors may add to the list anyone and to influence the voting.
She also stated that molested her boss, who called her for a romantic dinner, where he was called “baby” and wanted to kiss.

Earlier in one of his interviews Deborah Dugan has gavila about what Academy expect drastic changes. It is likely that this did not suit the members of the Academy and so they decided to prevent their expansion.

Deborah Dugan became the first female President of the National Academy of art and science of recording.
She was appointed to this position in August 2019, succeeding Neil Portnov, who led the organization for 17 years.

Acting President Harvey Mason Jr. said

“The Academy of recording will work in normal mode … and the Grammy awards and related events will be held according to the plan”. the acting President

62nd awards ceremony “Grammy” will be held on 26 January 2020 in Los Angeles.
The leader by quantity of nominations was American singer Lizzo – she has eight nominations. The rapper Lil Nas X – seven, Billy Iles – six. On the fourth place by quantity of nominations Ariana Grande – she claims victory in five nominations.

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